Ultra short fibers

Sustainable value chain



At the end of many production processes, some substances remain as side products. One example are ultra short fibers. In a variety of industries these fibers are sometimes unintentionally produced, such as the paper industry, textile industry or the chemical industry. They appear, for example, after recycling processes and can no longer be fed into the value circuit, because they are very difficult to bind. Often, they are thrown away, which I see as very problematic.


My meaningful intervention applies at this point of the value chain. Here, ‚meaningful’ means that energy and costs are in proportion to equivalent products generated in other value chains. If a sustainable material was used, but the process itself required more energy at an economically unrealistic price, it would not be useful to intervene. Then, it would be difficult to integrate the product into real usage contexts.


I created an insulating inner material which consists of ultra short paper fibers in a mesh. This material can be used to produce textile products. It can be sewn between an outer and an inner textile. These fabrics can have different characteristics for several practice scenarios. My project applies to the residuals of the paper recycling process, which are ultra short paper fibers. I used them as an insulating material for the textile industry, in order to create a filling material. The costs for this process are extremely low, the processing is realistic and can be practically embedded into the existing production.



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