Digital Culture 1

Wissenschaftliche Vorlesung an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

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An Introduction for the Design Professions

The recent shift in digital technology has substantially affected the design professions and has led to entirely new concepts, tools and processes that were still inconceivable just a few years ago. These new possibilities have not only fostered novel material (and immaterial) practices in design and related fields (such as, for example, art, media and architecture), but have also transformed almost every aspect of our lives. 

On that scope, the lecture series Digital Culture 1 will provide a fundamental introduction to history and theory of the digital and will bring forward key paradigms, contexts and challenges of the computer age. Topics include computer origins, digital interactivity, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, virtual reality, hacker culture, home computer turn, computational design, etc. Overall, the lecture takes a transdisciplinary approach – and is designed for a student audience that is particularly concerned with and interested in digital technology.


Bauhaus University Weimar


since 2019


Scientific lecture


Prof. Dr. Jan Willmann, WMA Michael Braun (M.A.)

Preview image: Lorenzo Herrera, 2019

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